About Us

  Updated - 03.16.21   


Teagather was formed by accident.  What began as trying some samples of incredible Dark Tea from a small city in the pristine mountains of Hunan China by two cousins and their schoolmate, became a passion.  The cousins moved to the United States where they found an expat from Northern China, an immigrant from Southern China, and her American husband who happened to have thirty plus years as a food service professional.

The common trait all shared was their desire to unleash one of best kept secrets of China, so called “hidden pearls” by locals, with the healthy and refreshing Anhua Dark Tea.  After trips to the region and interviewing processors, farmers and workers, they decided to promote this unique all natural landmark tea from the land the ice age left to the world.

Our Mission

  • To promote a healthy and tranquil beverage by gathering the best Anhua Dark Tea and making it available in the Americas
  • To enrich the farmers and workers by ensuring they receive fair wages and benefits
  • To help cultivate a more calming and peaceful lifestyle where change is constant and exponential
  • To honor the land and sustainability by best farming practices with all natural Anha Dark Teas
  • To showcase the world's 85 percent of the moraine soil and rock the glacier ice age left to Anhua
  • To inspire friendship and family time by Teagather around the table.

We hope you'll enjoy our wonderful, Anhua Dark Teas as much as we do.

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