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Located in the south central part of the Chinese mainland, Hunan has long been known for its natural beauty.  It is surrounded by mountains on the east, west, and south, and by the Yangtze River on the north, which is the longest river in the world to flow entirely within one country.  Hunan covers an area of over 130,000 square kilometers, and has a population of 64.1 million.  Mountains and hills occupy more than 80% of Hunan Province.  Its mixture of mountains and water makes it among the most beautiful provinces in China.

Anhua is a county in Hunan Province.  Here one finds a unique and heavenly mountainous region in the south central Hunan Province.  Anhua has healthy air, miles of forest in every direction and numerous clean rivers with misty rain and temperate weather.  Miles and miles of bamboo trees line the freeway as one drives from Anhua to Changsha the capital city 2.5 hours away.

Historic Ice Age to Anhua Dark Tea:

Studies show that 600 million years ago the world was in a climatic ice age.  After which the world entered a hot climate stage.  As the ice age ended and followed by the hot climatic age, the glaciers melted and the soil and land formed an extremely rare rock and soil called moraine.

Anhua is the location of the world's largest accumulation of moraine from glaciers 600 million years ago.  Moraine is known as Longevity Stone with 85% of the world's moraine rocks located in Anhua County.  T-85 teas are in honor of this special place on earth.

Anhua Province, the source place of a unique dark tea called Anhua dark tea, was an important nodal point of the Tea Horse Road from the 6th to the 20th century.  People traveled miles by foot with pounds of bamboo cylinder cones of packed compressed dark tea to exchange for horses with the Mongolians.  These paths are called the Tea Horse Roads.  Dark tea specifically designated from Anhua County was in print in the year 1524 but until now was a relatively hidden gem.

The rocky sediment from the glaciers gave Anhua County the land to produce the great Dark Tea of Anhua. Visitors are welcome at the various tea plantations where tea leaves are much larger (3 to 5 times) than traditional tea leaves.

Dark Tea leaf compared to regular tea leaf

Dark Tea Leaves

For thousands of years, the region has been a major center of agriculture.  Wheat, potatoes and other grain crops are mainly grown in the north while dark tea, rice, and wheat is grown in the south.

Hunan cuisine, one of the eight most famous cuisines in China, has a unique flavor.  Known for its liberal use of chili peppers, shallots, and garlic, Hunan cuisine is known for being hot and spicier by pure chili content and contains a larger variety of fresh ingredients.  Anhua is also known for smoked and cured hams and bacon.  Like areas of the Southern Uited States the cured hams are much sought after and prized.

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